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SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s Donation Drive for Connecticut Children’s

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

Toy donations under tree Our tree is filling up quickly with toy donations for Connecticut Children's!

This year, our team at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield chose the Connecticut Children’s Foundation for our annual holiday drive!

About Connecticut Children’s

Connecticut Children’s works with kids in the community to improve their physical and emotional health through family centered care, research, education, and advocacy. Just last over, over 117,000 children were cared for at Connecticut Children’s. The hospital is consistently ranked one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report.

The Connecticut Children’s Foundation raises funds to support the greatest needs of the hospital and its patients - no patient is denied care whether or not their family has the ability to pay. Donations are also essential to fund the hospital’s advanced research. 

Advanced research and resources allows the hospital to help children like Cora, age 2:

Two-year-old Cora was born with a different sort of heart. Instead of having two arteries, one carrying blood to the lungs and one carrying it to the body, she had only one big blood vessel. She also had a hole in the wall between her heart’s chambers. Together, those features meant that her body’s oxygen-delivery system was not working properly. It’s a rare condition called truncus arteriosus. If untreated, it would have resulted in Cora’s death.

- Read more about Cora’s story here.

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s Donation Drive

This year SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is hosting a toy drive for the children and families currently staying at Connecticut Children’s Hospital.

Items that are accepted include:

  • Fleece Blankets
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Card Games (Uno, Monopoly Deal, Sushi Go, Phase 10, etc.)
  • Playdoh (multi-packs and kits)
  • Superhero Action Figures
  • Barbies
  • Infant toys
  • Animal/Character Figurines (dinosaurs, farm animals, etc.)
  • LEGOS (small kits)
  • Coloring books (including teen coloring books) and Sticker By Numbers
  • Matchbox Cars
  • Sleep Sacks

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is also collecting monetary donations for Connecticut Children’s to help reach their goals of research, care and advocacy. 

Donate to our GoFundMe here:

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Featured in “Why Small Businesses Matter”

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield featured in Fairfield HamletHub article SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield was grateful to be nominated for this feature in the Fairfield Hamlet Hub site!

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield was recently nominated to be featured in the Fairfield Hamlet Hub feature, Why Small Businesses Matter!

In this feature, different small businesses in the Fairfield and Westport, CT areas nominate each other to be featured. 

The goal of these features is to put a spotlight on the local businesses in the Westport area that provide goods and services for the betterment of the community. 

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s team was excited to be nominated and share more information about how we help our local community with mold removal, fire damage, and water damage restoration!

A Snippet of SERVPRO’s Feature

Why did you start your business?

“I started my business because I saw an excellent business opportunity with opening a SERVPRO franchise. More importantly, it is a business venture that allows me to help people in the community.

I wanted to support as many local home and business owners as possible when disaster strikes - Whether that’s from extreme storms, plumbing leaks, fires, and more.”

Other questions include:

  • What is your best selling service?
  • How many local businesses do you use to support your business and can you name them?
  • Have you ‘reimagined’ your small business?

Want to read the whole feature? Check it out here!

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Handles the Insurance Process For You

11/30/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro accepts insurance for home and commercial properties SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield works with all insurance companies and works hard to make the process straightforward and stress-free.

When your home or business in Fairfield, Westport, or Weston, CT is damaged by water damage, storm damage, or a fire, the insurance process can be confusing and overwhelming.

If it’s the first time you’ve had to file an insurance claim for your home or business, the insurance process can be even more confusing.

In order to help make a stressful time go smoothly, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield handles and guides our customers throughout the insurance process. 

For Immediate Assistance Call Our Office 24/7 - 203-707-1952

How SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Handles the Insurance Process

We work hard to make the damage restoration process as stress-free as possible, and this includes the insurance process. 

Our team will handle all direct correspondence with your insurance company for paperwork, approvals, estimates, and more.

In fact, one of the distinct benefits of working with SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is that many of our team members have extensive experience and backgrounds in the insurance industry. This allows us the unique ability to help you through every step of the insurance process. 

Get Help Filing an Insurance Claim

When you’re a first-time homeowner or have been lucky enough to never have to file a claim, the process can be a bit confusing and at times overwhelming. 

If you’re unsure on how to proceed with filing your insurance claim, a Project Manager can help guide you through the process on-site. 

Additionally, if you’re not sure if your damages will be covered by insurance, our team can also help review your policy and determine coverage. 

We Directly Communicate With Your Insurance Company

Our team at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield will directly communicate with your insurance company throughout the restoration process. This will make the process more straightforward and less confusing for you to handle yourself. 

Our communications include speaking with your adjuster to determine coverage, approvals for work, submitting all paperwork, photos, estimates, and more over to your insurance company. 

Preferred Insurance Vendors

One of the most unique parts of working with SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield on your damage restoration claim in Fairfield County CT is that we’re a preferred vendor for many national insurance companies such as Chubb, Pure, and Travelers. This means that we come highly recommended from your own insurance carrier.

Needs Immediate Assistance in Fairfield, Westport, or Weston, CT? Call 24/7 - 203-707-1952

Your Local SERVPRO in Westport, CT: SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO near me in Westport, CT. When you need the help of SERVPRO in Westport, CT, the team at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is ready to respond 24/7.

When Disaster Strikes in Westport, We're Here to Help.

When you need fast service for fire damage, water damage, sewage, or mold damage, the experts at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield are ready to respond 24 hours a day.

With over 15 years of experience in the Westport, CT area, you can trust that our team has all the training and resources required to handle any size disaster.

Our goal is to provide professional, efficient, and compassionate services during your time of need. Fires can be devastating and emotional, flooding can destroy your personal items, and severe mold issues can displace you from your home.

Whatever the extent of your issue, we work hard to return your home or business to normal conditions as quickly as possible.

Call Our Office 24/7 For Immediate Assistance - 203-707-1952

Cleanup & Restoration Services in Westport, CT

Water Damage Restoration Services

When you have a water cleanup emergency, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield can provide emergency water damage cleanup in Westport, CT. Our team works quickly to remove water and prevent further damages to your property.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Our team of fire damage cleanup specialists in Westport, CT can provide complete soot, smoke, and fire damage cleanup after a fire. We immediately respond to secure your property from further damage and begin the restoration process.

Mold Removal Services

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides professional mold remediation services in Westport, Connecticut after water damage or for existing mold issues. Since mold can cause allergens and irritants, you want the help of a professional service.

  • Professional mold remediation
  • Air filtration of mold spores
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Mold removal after water damage

Biohazard Cleanup Services

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides compassionate, professional biohazard cleanup in Westport, CT. Our team is trained to safely clean, disinfect, and dispose of biohazards in accordance with all health regulations. 

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Blood cleanup
  • Accident cleanup

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield: Your Local Restoration Company in Westport, CT - 203-707-1952

Summer Storms Cause Flooded Basements in Fairfield, Westport, and Weston CT

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

Flood damage cleanup near me in Fairfield County, CT. Here you can see how severe the flooding in Fairfield County, CT was this summer - This is a movie room in a finished basement in Westport!

This summer, the towns in Fairfield County, CT have seen their fair share of severe weather. Just this past summer, two tropical storms and a hurricane have made landfall in Connecticut - never mind the periods of regular heavy rains. 

All of this severe weather has triggered multiple flash flood watches, warnings, and even emergencies in Fairfield County. Many of these warnings and watches were accurate, with severe flash flooding in Westport, Weston, and Fairfield, CT.

Unfortunately, this extreme weather has caused hundreds and hundreds of flooded basements and flooded first floors of homes and businesses throughout Fairfield County. 

In fact, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield has fielding thousands of calls this past summer related only to storm-related damages or flooding. The calls from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Ida, and the Tropical Storm in July were primarily for flooded basement cleanup services, and we are still dealing with the aftermath of these storms. 

How SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Helps With Flooding in Fairfield County, CT

When a flood disaster strikes your property in Fairfield, Weston, or Westport, CT, our team is Here to Help 24 hours a day. 

As your local flood damage restoration service in Fairfield County with over 15 years of experience, you can trust that our team can quickly restore your home or business after flood damage strikes. 

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides an immediate response for flood cleanup. This is because the sooner the water damage restoration process is started, the more likely it is to minimize damages and prevent the growth of mold.

Using advanced equipment and restoration methods, our team works hard to quickly remove water, clean & sanitize, and set up drying equipment to mitigate damages after flooding. 

Our IICRC Certified Project Managers closely inspect your property to create a restoration plan. This includes taking moisture readings of building materials such as walls and floors to make sure that there is no trapped moisture, which would cause materials to decay and mold to grow.

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s goal is to make your flooding or water damage in Fairfield County “Like it never even happened.” 

Call 24/7 For Immediate Assistance - 203-707-1952

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield: BBB A+ Rated

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield A+ Better Business Bureau Rating With an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, you can trust the team at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield with any size disaster restoration project in CT.

Did you know that SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is your local BBB Accredited and A+ Rated water damage restoration company in Fairfield County? 

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is dedicated to providing professional, efficient services as possible to our local customers - And our rating reflects just that.

What is the BBB?

The BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has been established for over 100 years to help locals find businesses, brands and charities that they can trust.

When a company is BBB accredited, it means that they support the mission and vision of the Better Business Bureau. Their dues and contributions are what allow the BBB to offer information and services to local consumers at no charge.

Lastly, Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agencies and does not create any laws or policies.

What Do The BBB Ratings Mean? 

The rating that a business receives from the Better Business Bureau represents the organization’s opinion on how the business interacts with its customers. The more likely it is for a customer to have a positive interaction with the business, the higher the rating would be. 

The actual rating that an accredited business receives is based on information that the BBB collects about the business and is influenced by any complaints received from the public. The BBB seeks and uses information directly from both businesses themselves and public data sources.

Your Local BBB Accredited Water Restoration Company - SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield - 203-707-1952

SERVPRO 24-Hour Emergency Response in Connecticut

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO emergency response van in front of house 24 hour emergency response is important when choosing a damage restoration company to effectively mitigate your damages.

When flooding, major water leaks, or fires occur in your home or business - you need help as soon as possible to help begin mitigating damages. When it comes to a large scale disaster on your property, every minute counts to help keep cleanup & restoration costs low and save as many of your belongings as possible. 

Always Choose a 24/7 Damage Restoration Company

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield understands how much time matters when a water or fire disaster strikes your home, and that’s why we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year to provide emergency services. 

Our goal is to stop damage in its tracks and ensure your property is secure. Before making the call to a damage restoration company on Google - be sure that they provide 24-hour service or they are likely not worth your business. 

What Does SERVPRO Emergency Response Include? 

Depending on your loss, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s emergency response may be a little different, but the goal remains the same: Mitigating damages. 

When you call, our Customer Service Representatives will ask you a few questions that will help us best address your damages:

  • When did the loss occur?
  • What caused your loss? (If known)
  • How much water is in the property?
  • Did the fire department come? (If experiencing a fire)
  • Are there any holes in the roof or broken windows?
  • Is there electricity on site?
  • Your insurance information (If applicable)

This information will help our team determine if your home needs the roof tarped or windows boarded up, how many team members are needed, what equipment is needed, and whether or not a generator is necessary. 

If you’re experiencing flooding or emergency water damage, you can expect the following for SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield’s emergency response:

  • Flood water removal/water extraction
  • Pulling up carpet and pad for drying (If applicable)
  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold growth
  • Installing drying equipment
  • Project Manager inspects damages to see what further work needs to be done

If you experience a fire, you can expect the following in your emergency response:

  • Boarding up of windows and doors (If applicable)
  • Roof tarping (If applicable)
  • Water removal (Mitigate damages from Fire Department putting out fire)
  • Installing specialized equipment
  • Project Manager inspects damages to see what further work needs to be done

SERVPRO emergency response does not address all damages in the first visit. 

The goal of emergency response is to prevent any further damages to your home. Then, our team inspects your property and begins the restoration process from there.

For 24/7 Emergency Response, Call SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield - 203-707-1952

Tips For Choosing A COVID-19 Disinfection Service

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

coronavirus disinfection services in an office in connecticut Looking for the right company to provide disinfection services for your business? Don't hire one without reading these tips.

Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, has undoubtedly impacted businesses all across the United States and here in Connecticut. Many of these businesses have utilized coronavirus disinfection services to help keep their employees & customers healthy and feeling secure. 

But how do you go about choosing a coronavirus disinfection service for routine cleaning? How do you know a company actually knows what they're doing?

Here, we have created a list of tips to help you choose a reputable coronavirus cleaning service during the pandemic in Connecticut.

Tips For Choosing the Right COVID-19 Disinfection Company in Connecticut

1 - Choose a company with demonstrated experience with biological contaminants

You should choose a company that is trained and certified in handling biological contaminants and can provide that certification for you. With so many businesses looking for cleaning and disinfection services, there are likely companies that are not highly qualified offering these services because they're currently high in demand. Reputable companies will have these qualifications and training advertised on their websites or brochures. If a company will not provide what kind of qualifications they have, they are likely not the right company for your needs.

2 - Is the company following CDC guidelines?

A trustworthy company will be following the recommended guidelines set forth by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), along with other experts in the field. Their cleaning program should be in line with these recommendations and be up to date with any new information regarding the virus. If their disinfection program is not guided by the CDC, look for a program that is.

3 - Is the company using disinfection chemicals on the EPA registered disinfectant list?

The EPA has compiled List N: Disinfectants For Coronavirus. All the products on this list are hospital grade disinfectants that are approved for SARS CoV-2 when used according to the label's directions. Only the disinfectant products on this list are approved for use against COVID-19.

Do NOT use a company that claims that they have different chemicals that will have the same effect. A reputable disinfection service will be able to provide what type of chemicals they will be using along with the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) at your request.

4 - Choose a company that is using the proper equipment

Proper disinfection methods will require the proper equipment. Be sure to choose a company that uses equipment like electrostatic sprayers and personal protective equipment (PPE). These are signs that companies are investing in their disinfection services and demonstrating they are taking CDC and EPA guidance seriously.

5 - Choose a company that creates flexible disinfection plans

Not every business is the same and every building is different. Disinfection for the coronavirus is not a one-size solution. A disinfection program should be based around your industry, business type, size of the space, number of high-touch points, foot traffic, congestion points, how many people are in the building, and how people move about. All of these things can impact routine cleanings in your facility, as well as creating a plan for emergency disinfection when needed.

Don't use a company that just tried to sell you a coronavirus disinfection service. Choose a company that sits down, asks you questions, and inspects your building before providing you with their plan. An expert disinfection company should be able to provide you with varying levels of disinfection based on different situations that may occur. Ideally, a reputable company will act almost as a consultant before doing any cleaning.

6 - Has the company provided services to any other businesses in the area?

Before using a service, its always a good idea to research reviews and experiences others have had with that company. As a business, you want to choose a disinfection service that can cater to your needs. Currently, some companies are specializing in residential disinfection, which can be extremely different from commercial disinfection services. Before choosing a service, look to see who businesses similar to yours have hired for cleaning services. If you have a large warehouse, you would be best serviced by a disinfection company that has already provided a similar scale of services.

7 - Compare the cost of services across different companies

If you come across a company providing coronavirus disinfection services for a price extremely lower than their competitors, this may not be a good thing. The chemicals, PPE, equipment, and training that goes into a disinfection service is a large cost for the service provider. Someone offering these services at an extremely low cost may be cutting corners - possibly not using EPA registered disinfectants or will not provide a high standard of cleaning.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the company that charges the most for their services is the best one to choose. Simply, you should take the cost of the service in consideration with the rest of your research on the company before making a decision.

Choosing A Coronavirus Disinfection Service in Connecticut

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield meets all of the above tips for coronavirus disinfection services in Connecticut. 

As IICRC Certified Biohazard Specialists, our team is highly trained and qualified to properly perform disinfection services for your business. In fact, SERVPRO has been providing biohazard denomination services for the last 50 years, so you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience needed to provide the service that you need.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive, proactive viral pathogen cleaning program backed by our more than 50 years of experience in cleanup and restoration. With an industry-leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes, we're helping businesses across the country stay safe.

  • Consult - A Project Manger will consult with you and create a specialized cleaning program tailored to your needs.
  • Clean - Our team will provide proactive and COVID-19 emergency response cleanings in accordance with CDC guidelines, using EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • Certify - We will leave information and flyers behind to inform your employees and customers on how your business has been cleaned by SERVPRO.

Learn more and get a free estimate for our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Program.

Answering All Your Questions About Water Damage Restoration

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

graphic of frequently asked questions about water damage restoration Get the answers to all your water damage restoration questions here, or give us a call and speak with a representative.

When a water disaster strikes your home and requires water damage restoration services by the SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield team, you’re likely to have a lot of questions surrounding the process. SERVPRO Professionals are Here to Help 24/7, 365 days a year and are prepared to answer all of your water-damage related questions. 

6 Frequently Ask Questions From Fairfield Property Owners About Water Damage Restoration

How much does water damage restoration cost?

The cost of restoring your home or business is dependent on many factors, so it is hard to make a generalization of cost. Factors that affect cost are:

  • Size of area affected
  • Type of material affected
  • Amount of water
  • Category of water (Category 1, 2 or 3)
  • Amount of equipment needed
  • Need for mold or asbestos testing
  • Whether or not there is a need for demolition

Because of the wide price range for water damage restoration services (average $1,000-$10,000), SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides free damage restoration estimates to all customers before the start of work.

Will insurance cover water damage?

Like most questions on whether or not insurance will cover a claim, the answer is: it depends. When it comes to water claims, it depends what the source of your damage was and whether or not it was sudden and unforeseen or if it was something that could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

  • Covered water damage scenario: Your water heater suddenly bursts in the middle of the night and completely floods your finished basement. It was not already leaking and there was nothing you could do to prevent it from happening. 
  • Claim denied water damage scenario: Your basement floods, but your sump pump was unplugged from when you were cleaning. Unfortunately, you would be seen as at fault for the damages. 

Can I be at home during the water damage restoration process?

Once again, the answer is ‘it depends’. Many times homeowners are able to stay in their homes with no issues during the water damage restoration process. This is usually in cases where water damage or flooding was contained to a certain part of the house. 

There are sometimes cases where customers cannot stay in the homes during the process, but it is usually when there is a major flooding event that requires that we pack-out everything from your home and perform extensive demolition. Hopefully this will not be the case for you. 

How do you dry my property?

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield follows a specifically water damage restoration process every time, starting with a free inspection of your damages. We will handle everything from moving furniture, performing any needed demolition, and can even bring in our in-house construction team to rebuild your property.

While every water damage event is different, below is an outline of our drying process:

How long does water damage restoration take?

After all water is removed from your property and demolition is completed, the drying equipment that is set up will have to sit for on average 3 days to completely dry a structure. This means that smaller losses can be completed in as little as three days, but larger projects may take a week or two due to other work that may need to be completed. Your Project Manager will inform you of the process and how long it will take. 

Will mold always grow after water damage?

Mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours after flooding or water damage - but this doesn’t mean it has to. If you call your local water damage restoration company as soon as you find your damages, you should be able to prevent mold growth. This is because the company will be able to quickly remove moisture from the structure and create an environment where mold doesn’t like to grow. 

Have Questions or Need Help with Water Damage Restoration in Connecticut? Call SERVPRO 24/7 - 203-707-1952

Understanding SERVPRO’s Specialized Equipment

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

photo of a green SERVPRO truck full of SERVPRO equipment SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield's use of advanced equipment helps restore your property efficiently and properly.

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield understands that using the correct equipment is highly important to ensure damages are mitigated in a timely and efficient manner when it comes to water damage.

Every piece of equipment that we use has a specific function to help dry and restore your home to preloss conditions. Using the proper equipment can even make a measurable difference in reducing claims loss expense. With that said, here we will review our most commonly used equipment and their functions. 

Detection Equipment

When a Project Manager arrives on site, they will perform a scope which involves identifying what areas of your structure are affected by water and to what extent they have absorbed moisture.

Detection equipment is also used during and at the end of the restoration process to monitor the drying process and ensure no moisture remains. The scope of work on your property will largely be determined using our advanced detection equipment:

  • Moisture Sensors are used to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards and walls. 
  • Moisture Meters are used to determine the actual moisture content of various materials. 
  • Thermohygrometers measure both temperature and relative humidity. 

Extraction Equipment

Whether you have standing water or a saturated carpet, our advanced extraction equipment is the most effective method of removing moisture from a structure. When SERVPRO is dispatched quickly and water is extracted before it can absorb into any materials, the structure can usually be dried much faster as our equipment removes much of the moisture. 

  • Extractors can be either truck mounted for major flooding or portable for smaller water losses. These are used in cleaning carpets and upholstery and to remove water from floors following water damage or flooding. 

Air Moving Equipment

Air movers are used throughout the drying process to enhance the rate of evaporation at the surface level of wet materials, in turn reducing the time it requires to dry. As the surface level of materials begin to dry, the moisture level of the air then increases.

This increase in moisture can be problematic if other proper equipment is not set by producing mold growth - but SERVPRO professionals are always sure to set dehumidifiers in addition to air movers to offset this process.

Dehumidification Equipment

Dehumidifiers extract water vapor and moisture in the air and then discharge warm, dry air. This process lowers the relative humidity of the area, and the dry air absorbs remaining moisture from wet materials.

When used in conjunction with air movers, they cut the time needed for the drying process down significantly and help create a cycle that continues until no moisture remains. 

Deodorizing Equipment

When it comes to water damage or flooding events, things can get a bit smelly. When this happens, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield has a few different pieces of equipment to neutralize odors and help prevent them from coming back:

  • Ultra Low Volume Foggers: atomize liquid deodorizing agents and produce a fine mist that easily penetrates sites where odor-causing residues accumulate. The device can also be used to inject fungicides and disinfectants into wall cavities and other difficult-to-access areas.
  • Thermal Foggers: dispense solvent-based products in a dense fog suitable for confined areas. The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution that pair with and neutralize odor-causing particles.
  • Ozone Machines: These generate ozone gas to remove indoor pollutants or odors. These must be used in closed areas with no people or pets present for health and safety reasons. 

Need Immediate Assistance? Call SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield - 203-707-1952

What Does SERVPRO Do? Our Story & Services

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

photo of a fire damaged house with SERVPRO crews and trucks in front of it SERVPRO - Faster to Any Size Disaster

What is SERVPRO?

Started in 1967, SERVPRO is a industry-leading damage restoration company which provides both commercial and residential services for disasters related to fire damage, water damage, mold, or COVID-19 disinfection. With decades of knowledge, resources, and experience, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield can completely restore your home or business to pre-damage conditions and make any disaster "Like it never even happened."

With over 1700 franchises across the United States, SERVPRO is well equipped to handle any size disaster. If your area is hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other strong storms, SERVPRO dispatches our Disaster Recovery Team which consists of different franchises across the United States. While every SERVPRO is independently owned and operated, in times of need we come together to help our affected communities.

Why Use SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield?

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is your local & highly rated damage restoration company serving the Fairfield County area. Our SERVPRO professionals are highly trained and certified in the different areas of restoration and take continuing education classes to stay up to date with any industry changes.

SERVPRO is open 24/7, 365 days a year for immediate assistance with your emergency. No matter when you call, you can be sure a real person will be there to answer your call and assist you.

  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • We Work With All Insurance Carriers
  • Free Estimates & Evaluations
  • Highly Trained Specialists
  • 24/7 Emergency Service - (203) 707-1952
  • Locally owned & operated

Water Damage Restoration

Whether a pipe bursts and floods your office or you find a slow leak in your home, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield can provide complete water damage restoration services. Using our advanced techniques and equipment, we can completely dry-out your property in as little as three days.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire loss in your home or business can be overwhelming to deal with. Whatever the size of your fire, SERVPRO can completely clean your property of all smoke, soot, and fire damage affecting it.

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  3. Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if needed)
  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)
  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces
  6. Cleaning and Repair
  7. Restoration

Mold Remediation

Did you know that mold may start to grow in as little as 48 hours after flooding or water damage? We did! When you find mold in your home or business, you want to call a company that truly understands mold so that they can properly remediate the problem - and won't claim to 'remove all mold'. Find out why that phrase is misleading here!

  1. Emergency Contact - (203) 707-1952
  2. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  3. Mold Containment
  4. Air Filtration
  5. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
  6. Cleaning Contents and Belongings
  7. Restoration

COVID-19 Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is well trained and equipped to provide a higher standard of clean to your office or business. Offering our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program, we are helping businesses across the state stay open during the pandemic. Call us to learn more or get set up with a free estimate for your business.

Other Services

SERVPRO is most commonly known for fire, water, and mold, but we do much more than that.

Need Immediate Assistance? Call SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Today! 203-707-1952

Steps To Keep Schools Healthy During COVID-19

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

image of SERVPRO employee in full PPE fogging a classroom for coronavirus Cleaning & disinfecting Fairfield schools will be highly important as students begin to return.

As students return to school this fall, whether that be half days, three days a week, or full-time - schools will need to be doing what they can to reduce the spread of germs and in turn the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Steps To Keep Your School Safe & Healthy

Make a plan.

Have a plan in place for if a student or faculty member tests positive for Coronavirus. Designate who will clean & disinfect affected areas, what quarantine measures may have to be taken, and plan for routine cleaning & disinfection. Make arrangements with a local cleaning & sanitizing business so that your school can be sanitized at a moment's notice.

Ensure all staff are informed. 

Make sure that all faculty is aware of school wide plans. Discuss hurdles to cleaning and disinfection and how they can be overcome. For everyone to stay safe and healthy, everyone will have to know what protocols are in place and what to do if there is a deviation from it.

Make sure that teachers are aware of what expectations there are for them personally cleaning and disinfecting their classrooms. Go over how to properly use cleaning supplies and what types of cleaners should be used on certain surfaces. Hand out any resources to keep teachers on track.

Clearly outline protocols for when students or faculty are ill.

Make sure that everyone in the school knows that they should not come in if they feel ill or have recently traveled. Set up a protocol that outlines when an ill person can return to school, how long they must be out, or if they need any tests performed before returning. 

Limit or end the use of shared objects.

Do not let students share gym equipment, art supplies, games, computers, pencils, etc. If they will be sharing, disinfect between student use. 

Try and eliminate sharing of objects that are hard to clean & sanitize, or objects that are soft and porous. Rugs or soft seating can be removed to reduce the challenge of keeping them sanitary. 

Enforce social distancing where possible & wear masks.  

Set up desks or working areas 6 feet apart where possible. Create some type of barrier between students if possible.

Teacher tip: Students may understandably be more one edge than usual this school year (as you are). If in your budget, try to find fun ways to encourage social distancing in your classroom and help students feel comfortable in their new ‘normal’.

Promote hand hygiene in your school.

Washing hands is one of the most powerful ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19. During these times, everyone is having trouble learning to not touch their mouth, nose, or eyes - but younger students may have even more trouble remembering this. 

Promoting a culture of hand-washing at your school will help curb the spread of germs when students inevitably touch their faces or touch shared objects. 

  • Teach proper handwashing techniques: Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Build in times for students and faculty to wash their hands. Have students wash their hands before they can go to lunch, after they get to school, or after recess.
  • Make hand sanitizer readily available around the school near high-touch surfaces such as doors, stairwells, water fountains, or cafeterias. According to the CDC, hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol.
  • Place hand-washing flyers and stickers around the school, especially in places people should be washing their hands as a reminder. 

Returning to school during a pandemic will be a stressful time for students, parents, teachers, and faculty alike. What we should remember is that we are in the fight against COVID-19 together, and will have to work together to continue to safely open public spaces in the coming weeks and months. 

Need COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting? Learn more about our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program.

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SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is a 24/7 damage restoration company specializing in fire, water, mold and COVID-19. Whatever your damage, we will be there to make it "Like it never even happened."


Why We Use State Of The Art Technology

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

When we are called to a water damage, it is essential to be able to rapidly determine the extent of water damage in a house or business.

Getting your home or business dry is crucial in the aftermath of water damage. With excess moisture, mold and mildew can develop and bacteria can multiply. That’s why SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield uses moisture meters during and after completion of water remediation work to ensure that structures are properly dried.

Moisture meters can reach areas that may otherwise be overlooked or not considered as being affected by moisture. These include areas such as basement walls, spaces between layers of drywall, concrete subfloors, and beneath carpet and tile. Identifying potential damage to these lesser-suspected areas can save thousands of dollars in repairs later.

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

Spring Cleaning Season Is Here

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Can you feel the air getting warmer?  Spring is just around the corner, a time when many people tackle the sometimes large chore of spring cleaning.  To some, this task can be a daunting one.  Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you are having a hard time parting with some old items that are collecting dust on a shelf.

Here are a few quick tips to help you cleanse quickly and efficiently:

1.) Tackle one room per day - this allows you to not become overwhelmed.  Set small goals that are easily attainable and it wont feel like such a big undertaking.

2.) Part with old clothing - if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a full year, maybe it’s time to let it go.  This can be a great way to free up closet and dresser space. This does not apply to items like suits and other special occasion outfits.

3.) Outsource what you don’t want to do yourself - The professional cleaners at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield can make quick work of carpets, walls, and any other deeper clean that you would rather not do. 

Why SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield Should Handle Your Loss

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As a property owner, it’s important that you respond quickly so you can mitigate the overall impact. That’s why it’s important that you hire the best disaster restoration company near you. If you don’t know who to pick, here’s our case for why it should be us!

24/7 Emergency Services

Because disasters can happen whenever, wherever, it’s necessary that you have somebody who will respond at any time—even on major holidays. At SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield, we offer around-the-clock emergency services, so when you call us at 2 a.m., we’re there for you!

Large Loss Franchise

One thing that separates our franchise from other restoration businesses in the area is that we are a Large Loss franchise. This is a title given to us by SERVPRO corporate, which indicates that we have the staff, equipment, and the capacity to respond to large-scale disasters. No matter how extensive the damage, we’re there to make it “Like it never even happened."

Many Years Of Service

We have served the Fairfield County community for over 30 years.  During that time, we’ve worked with countless homes and commercial businesses to restore their properties after a disaster. Not only do we have the experience, but we also have the reputation to back it!

Invested In The Community

Our team at SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is strongly invested in this community. It’s why we support local nonprofits and serve on committees. So if you have a commercial property in the Westport/Fairfield area, call us today at (203) 324-1642!