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putting up protective barrier in home after water damage

Highly Trained and Certified Technicians

All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, biohazard remediation, and more. 

With years of training, experience, and needed resources, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield has everything needed to restore your home or business back to pre-damage conditions as soon as possible. 

servpro truck 24 hour emergency response

24/7 Emergency Response in Connecticut

When you're dealing with flooding, water leaks, sewage backups, or a fire, you need immediate assistance. That's why SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield provides 24/7 emergency response in Connecticut. 

Our team quickly responds to your call in order to begin mitigating damages to your property. This usually includes securing your property, water removal, and beginning the drying process. 

water removal in basement in fairfield, ct

Rapid Water Extraction

When your home or business suffers from flooding in Fairfield County, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield immediately responds to begin the water removal process. 

The faster our team is able to get on site and start cleaning up water, the more likely it is that we can prevent secondary damages like mold growth.

window board up and glass on ground from car through window in fairfield ct

Car Vs. Building Cleanup

When a car crashed into this commercial building later at night in Fairfield, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield immediately responded to board up and secure the property to prevent further damages or theft.

The next day, our team returned to provide a full, complete commercial cleanup for all glass and debris from the crash.

cleaning smoke and soot after a fire in weston, connecticut

After Fire Smoke and Soot Cleanup

This large warehouse had a vehicle catch on fire inside of the building, causing extensive soot and smoke damages across the entire property. 

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield immediately responded to begin the fire damage restoration process. Our team utilized all of our resources to restore this warehouse to pre-damage conditions as soon as possible. 

servpro in fairfield in snow

Here to Help 24/7

SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield is dedicated to providing 24/7 emergency response in Fairfield for all water, fire, sewage, or COVID-19 emergencies.

We know that water, fire, or COVID emergencies don't wait for regular business hours, so neither do we.

When you call, we'll be there! 

cleaning up sewage in westport, CT bar

Sewage Cleanup in Local Westport Business

This local business called SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield for emergency sewage cleanup services in Westport. Their sewer system backed up and caused widespread water damage throughout their building. Our team worked hard to make this commercial sewage loss "Like it never even happened." 

burst pipe water damage cleanup in office in weston, ct

Office Burst Pipe Cleanup in Weston, CT

When a frozen pipe burst in this Weston, Connecticut office building, SERVPRO of Westport/Fairfield was on site within the hour to begin burst pipe cleanup services. 

Our team quickly removed all water and set up equipment to begin drying the structure out. 

The Best Equipment

We have access to the best equipment that allows us to handle all jobs, no matter the size.  Luis is setting the hoses so that drainage occurs properly at a home with over a foot of water in the basement.

Our Customers Matter

Our awesome crew member Roberto doing what needs to be done.  He’s down in a crawlspace removing animal waste and odor, making the customer happy.  He, as well as our whole crew, really care about helping people every day.

Board Up Service

Our team has the ability to offer a full spectrum range of services that will make your experience as comprehensive as possible. Our board up service is one that is offered when a fire occurs.  It protects your home or business from the elements while repairs are being done.

Rotting Floor Removal

As a result of some recent rainfall, the water level rose and seeped into this basement while the homeowners were on vacation.  When they returned, the floor had begun to rot, and needed to be removed.  We extracted all the flooring, and dried out the entire basement.

Extracted Carpets

When a storm hit this home, the water came into the house, much to the dismay of the homeowner.  The carpets were removed to be cleaned and deodorized at our facility.  All water was extracted and the floor was dried.  After this picture was taken, the carpet was reinstalled successfully.

Board Up Service

When a wind gust broke the windows at this small office building, SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield was there to help with one of the services that we offer.  Boardups are a crucial part of the process, ensuring that when a window or structure is compromised, no more outside factors will cause damage.

Moldy Food

SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield responded to this mold damage, where all food in a refrigerator had gone bad.  The food was removed, all affected surfaces cleaned and sprayed with antimicrobial solution, and the customer was left satisfied.

Office Mold

This is a law office that found some mold in their basement.  This picture shows how SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield contains the affected area, allowing business to continue around the issue, all while making it a safe environment to do so.

Emergency Ready Plan

One of the preventative services that we provide is known as our Emergency Ready Profile.  One of our skilled technicians takes note of all important utilities and controls in the building, such as water, sprinkler, gas, etc.  Then, we compile all the information into a report that gets delivered to you, and even given to first responders.  This program ensures that in the event of an emergency, everyone can respond in a timely and effective manner.

Fire in Attic

Fire in a residence that SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield was called to.  We responded in the middle of the night.  We will be packing out contents, deodorizing, and cleaning. All services that we provide each and every day.

Unchecked Mold

This was the aftermath of a burst pipe that was not properly taken care of when it initially happened.  The occupants tried to take care of the problem on their own, but did not fully dry out the floor above, so moisture remained.  An immense amount of mold grew, and we were called in to remove the issue.

Water Extraction

This municipal building had a burst pipe that spewed water until someone was able to get to the shutoff.  We go on scene and began to extract the water so that the drying process could begin.

High School Flood

This school had water damage that spanned multiple classrooms, as well as in the hallway.  SERVPRO extracted all the water, dried the affected area, and cleaned the dirt that was left by the water off the floor.

Drywall Removal for Water

When water comes into contact with any wall material, we need to make sure that the material has not soaked up any moisture, and also that water is not lingering inside the wall itself.

Water Stains

Storm damage caused a faulty room to let water into this house.  The customer called SERVPRO after noticing the water stains on her ceiling.  We were able to dry out her attic and repaint the roof.

Roof Tarping

After a tree fell on this roof during a heavy storm, a small portion of the roof collapsed, allowing water to come in.  Once on scene, SERVPRO quickly installed this tarp to stop anymore damage from occurring.


A roof leak caused by excessive rain caused this bedroom to become damp.  One tactic we use to battle water is to contain individual pieces of furniture to dry them out completely.

Open Window

A window that was accidentally left open during a rain storm allowed gallons of water to flow into this office building.  SERVPRO is adept at handling emergency damage that comes as a result of storms.

Black Mold

Here is some black mold inside a wall in a house that SERVPRO was called into.  We removed the affected drywall, installed new material, and sealed the area so that no new growth was possible.

No Dampness

Drywall can act like a sponge, soaking water up into itself.  These fans have been placed directly next to the affected areas to ensure a complete drying. This way, no mold will have the chance to grow.

Drywall Removal for Mold

Andrew is seen here removing the bottom portions of drywall all the way around the perimeter where a water loss occurred.  We remove affected material so new drywall can be installed.

Sportsplex Flood

After a large water main break at this corporate building, we pulled all of the visible water out.  The fans help dry the water we cant see so that mold does not begin to grow behind the walls or in the floor.

Apartment Fire

This apartment in a high-rise building also suffered a kitchen fire, but the fire was contained to only a few units.  Sometimes we are able to save items within the home, but this time, it was a total loss.

Multi-unit Fire

The house in the background caught on fire as a result of a kitchen fire.  The fire spread to multiple units within the building.  SERVPRO was there within the hour to begin work.

Board Up

This is the aftermath of a house fire that we were called to work on.  In addition to cleaning and mitigation, SERVPRO also specializes in board-ups and other post-emergency measures.


After a fire, all affected material must be removed.  Here we see one of our skilled crew members removing drywall, so that we can begin reconstruction of the interior walls with fresh material.

Boat Cleaning

In one of our recent jobs, we were called in to remove water from inside a boat.  While this was a request we do not get often, we were able to quickly and efficiently help this customer with their issue.

24/7 Service

When we say 24/7 emergency service, we mean it!  Here, we have one of our crews responding to a late night fire damage. We have crews at the ready for whenever disaster strikes.