Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Food

SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield responded to this mold damage, where all food in a refrigerator had gone bad.  The food was removed, all affected surfaces cleaned and sprayed with antimicrobial solution, and the customer was left satisfied.

Unchecked Mold

This was the aftermath of a burst pipe that was not properly taken care of when it initially happened.  The occupants tried to take care of the problem on their own, but did not fully dry out the floor above, so moisture remained.  An immense amount of mold grew, and we were called in to remove the issue.

Black Mold

Here is some black mold inside a wall in a house that SERVPRO was called into.  We removed the affected drywall, installed new material, and sealed the area so that no new growth was possible.

No Dampness

Drywall can act like a sponge, soaking water up into itself.  These fans have been placed directly next to the affected areas to ensure a complete drying. This way, no mold will have the chance to grow.

Drywall Removal for Mold

Andrew is seen here removing the bottom portions of drywall all the way around the perimeter where a water loss occurred.  We remove affected material so new drywall can be installed.

Sportsplex Flood

After a large water main break at this corporate building, we pulled all of the visible water out.  The fans help dry the water we cant see so that mold does not begin to grow behind the walls or in the floor.